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Source Date Title
image Dec 21, 2016 CEX.IO Reaches $80 Million in Card Transactions
image Oct 26, 2016 CEX.IO Launches Margin trading for BTC/USD and ETH/BTC
image Aug 22, 2016 CEX.IO Introduces New Fee Schedule to Improve Bitcoin Trading
image May 17, 2016 Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO Sees over $40 Million in VISA & Mastercard Deposits
image May 12, 2016 Bitcoin Exchange Trends 2016: Cheap Deposits, Instant Withdrawals and Margin Trading
image Apr 28, 2016 CEX.IO Announces Payment Card Withdrawals
image Apr 18, 2016 UK cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO launches Ether trading
image Feb 20, 2016 CEX.IO supports Segregated Witness group
image Nov 17, 2015 How to Identify Transaction Malleability Attacks
image Nov 11, 2015 CEX Integrates TradingView Bitcoin Charts
image Oct 10, 2015 Биткоин-биржа CEX.IO объявляет 0% комиссии на торги в паре BTC/RUB
image Jul 20, 2015 Cex.io, AstroPay to offer bitcoin in seven Latin American countries
image Jul 17, 2015 CEX.io Launches Bitcoin Exchange Service in Latin America
image Apr 30, 2015 CEX.IO Opens Bitcoin Exchange to US Market
image Mar 23, 2015 CEX.IO Cuts Bitcoin Trading Fees Amid Mining Market Woes
image Jan 17, 2015 Industry Experts Share Their Thoughts on Bitcoin Mining Centralisation in 2015
image Jan 14, 2015 Interview with CEX.io's Jeffrey Smith on Why They Paused Mining and the Future of the Industry
image Jan 14, 2015 CEX.IO: "We need a Bitcoin value of US $320 at current difficulty to make cloud mining profitable"
Content Cell Jan 13, 2015 How Credit Card Fraud Sank One Bitcoin Exchange
Content Cell Jan 12, 2015 CEX.io Halts Cloud Mining Service Due to Low Bitcoin Price
Content Cell Jan 12, 2015 CEX.io Suspends Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services
Content Cell Sep 23, 2014 CEX.io Launches US Dollar Deposits and Trading Pairs
Content Cell Sep 16, 2014 CEX.io Joins Bitcoin API Race With Launch of PlugChain
Content Cell Jun 16, 2014 Ghash.io: We Will Never Launch a 51% Attack Against Bitcoin
Content Cell Jul 16, 2014 Popular Bitcoin Mining Pool Promises To Restrict Its Compute Power To Prevent Feared ’51%’ Fiasco
Content Cell Apr 10.2014 CEX.IO’s GHash.IO Launches Innovative Scrypt Mining Multi Pool Pro
Content Cell Apr 2, 2014 Bitcoin Commodity Exchange CEX.io Imposes Trading Fee, Prepares for USD
Content Cell Mar 17, 2014 Mining and GHS Trading – Jeffrey Smith and the Future of CEX.IO
Content Cell Jan 10, 2014 Bitcoin Stares Down Impending Apocalypse
Content Cell Jan 9, 2014 Mining Pool Centralization At Crisis Levels
Content Cell Dec 4, 2013 Anyone Can Mine Bitcoin From Anywhere With Revolutionary Bitcoin ASIC Cloud Mining


Source Date Title
image Dec 21, 2016 Bitcoin Affiliate Program Launched on CEX.IO
image Nov 02, 2016 Margin Trading Launched on CEX.IO
Content Cell Oct 24, 2016 GHash.IO Pool is Closed
image Oct 03, 2016 CEX.IO Launched Variable Trade Fee Schedule
image Sep 29, 2016 CEX.IO Launched Multisignature Bitcoin Addresses for Users
Content Cell Aug 16, 2016 CEX.IO Upgraded PCI DSS Certificate to Level 2
Content Cell Aug 2, 2016 CEX.IO Introduces Maker-Taker Fee Schedule, Sets Maker Fee to 0%
Content Cell Jun 2, 2016 Extreme Commission Lowering for Card Payments
Content Cell May 04, 2016 Trade Fee Decrease on CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange
Content Cell Apr 28, 2016 Killer Feature on CEX.IO: Withdrawals to Payment Cards
Content Cell Apr 13, 2016 CEX.IO Launches Ether Trading, Adds ETH/BTC and ETH/USD
Content Cell Mar 17, 2016 CEX.IO WebSocket API Goes Public
Content Cell Mar 14, 2016 CEX.IO Accepts Virtual Cards
Content Cell Dec 28, 2015 Win an iPad for Winter Holidays!
Content Cell Dec 25, 2015 CEX.IO App Available for Free Download on iOS and Android
Content Cell Nov 30, 2015 Altcoins Removal and Multipool Suspension
Content Cell Jul 15, 2015 CEX.IO Lowers Fees for Payment Card Deposits
Content Cell Jun 05, 2015 CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange Decreases Withdrawal Fees and Changes Limits
Content Cell Apr 30, 2015 CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange Officially Enters the USA Market
Content Cell Jan 12, 2015 CEX.IO Temporarily Suspends Cloud Mining Services
Content Cell Nov 25, 2014 CEX.IO presents official GHash.IO iOS Application
Content Cell Oct 16, 2014 CEX.IO Introduces Online SEPA Payments
Content Cell Sep 29, 2014 CEX.IO Adds Euro
Content Cell Sep 24, 2014 CEX.IO Updates Mining Hardware and Halves Maintenance Cost at Company’s Expense
Content Cell Sep 23, 2014 CEX.IO Upgrades Fiat Beta to the Official Release and Expands the Range of Trading Pairs
Content Cell Jul 16, 2014 Official Statement on 51% Threat and Closed Round Table
Content Cell Jun 16, 2014 GHash.IO is open for discussion
Content Cell Apr 10, 2914 The #1 Bitcoin Mining Pool represents: GHash.IO Multi Pool Pro
Content Cell Apr 2, 2014 CEX.IO Bitcoin Commodity Exchange imposes trade fee
Content Cell Mar 13, 2014 CEX.IO offers GHS Futures Contracts
Content Cell Feb 11, 2014 CEX.IO strongly recommends Two-Factor Authentication
Content Cell Feb 13, 2014 CEX.IO Reaches Milestone of Over 75 000 Active Users – Announces Litecoin Trading
Content Cell Jan 9, 2014 Bitcoin mining pool GHash.IO is preventing accumulation of 51% of all hashing power